ServerAtDoor 01The future is finally here with ServedUSA.

Now you can simply upload your Service Documents through our website, select your State where service is needed and include information/instructions, and your job is instantly transmitted to a local ServedUSA server. On-Demand process service with a few key strokes!

With ServedUSA your service documents are on the street within hours, nationally.

With ServedUSA every service will be local.

No more "Out of State" jacked up fees with multiple subcontracting vendors. This system will significantly reduced turn around times, make the entire process efficient and less exspensive. ServedUSA uses state-wide FLAT FEES*.

With ServedUSA servers compete for your business and are publicly rated for quality of their work product. Think UBER for process service, Nationally!

We Provide Services for Large and Small Firms

Practices Large 01Large Practices

For large practices with a practice management system ServerUSA can assist in a direct integration of your tool with our processing engine. In that service requests are made from within your PMS and results of the service request are posted back to your system.

This completely streamlines your requests nationally. You will proceed with confidence knowing that your request will be handled in a timely and professional manner. Large practices can also use our direct web submission service for special circumstances or remote offices.

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Practices Small 01Small Practices

If you are a small practice with a few partners and you do not have a practice managment system in place you can use ServedUSA's direct web interface. This allows you to post your services requests directly to our system. You will be able to log in and check the status of and results of your requests.

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OFFICE: 443-228-8051
ADDRESS: ServedUSA, 12812 W. Hopetown Lane, Ocean City, MD 21842